Sunday, 10 May 2020

Check out what Ruby got up to on Friday


  1. Ruby, those tie dyed shirts have turned out amazing! Really like the describing words you used for Mum. I hope she had a great day today.

  2. Once again Ruby, you have produced some amazing mahi. The molded hand shape will be a reminder of how small your hand was during our historical lock-down (you will be able to share this with friends and family in years to come). Your "tie-dyed" t-shirts are fantastic ... I hope Whaea Jess can find some time in our busy timetable to create these in Nga Ringa - perhaps Mrs M could help us ? I loved the adjectives you used to describe your Mum - she certainly is a very special mum. I really like the effort you put into writing your Xx's - they are quite tricky to write ... there is no rush to write them, so take your time and make them near-perfect (we also use the "little x" in maths).