Friday, 1 May 2020

Ruby's letter hunt

Ruby went for a walk today and she pointed out that she could see the shape of letters as she was walking. She decided that she would take photos to make a collage. What a cool idea!


  1. These are great! What a clever idea- very creative. How many different letters did you find? I remember when I was a girl, my Granny had horrible wallpaper covered in flowers. I used to enjoy trying to find shapes in the flower patterns on her walls. It's amazing what you can find when you look closely!

  2. Ruby, you are so clever and creative seeing all those letters while out walking today and I love how you have made a collage of them all. I really do think you should put an album/port-folio together so that you have a record of all the fabulous photos you have taken during lock-down.

  3. That looks superb RUby, what a creative thing to do whilst out walking.