Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Rose's writing


  1. You write some really interesting stories Rose. I enjoyed reading about you milking the cow. Was this the first time you have milked a cow? What did you do with the milk after you sieved it? Did you try some?
    I can see some amazing descriptive language in your third piece of writing- cheeky, naughty, funny, as big as Mums! These words really did make me say WOW when I read them.

  2. You have got through a lot of mahi Rose. I especially liked your story about milking the cow. I have never milked a cow and believe that the milk is warm and sweet if you drink it straight away. Thank goodness you sieved it first - imagine swallowing lumps of stuff - YUK ! I also wanted to say that you are getting really good at using your wow words - it certainly makes a story more interesting to read. Keep up the fantastic mahi Rose.

  3. What was in the sieve Rose was it lumps of cream or dirt from her? Was it hard to do? I remember trying to do that years ago and wasn't very good.