Thursday, 14 May 2020

Leo's fabulous lockdown writing


  1. Leo, I absolutely loved reading your amazing piece of writing. It sounds like you have created a whole lot of special memories. I loved your description of Huffy jumping like a frog. I hope you have a great time fishing! Looking forward to seeing you on Monday.

  2. You are going from strength to strength Leo ! I loved the drawings you did to help you plan your writing. And wow, that was a lot of writing - it was fun to read and had lots of detail in it ... and you remembered to use full stops, capital letters and even included an exclamation mark ! - that is impressive. I think Huffy is going to miss you when you are back at school. Was toasting the marshmallows the best thing to do when you went camping ? What else did you do ? Good luck with the fishing.

  3. Wow Leo that is a lot of writing you have done with great pictures to match I love marshmallows toasted on the fire too. Hope you catch a big fish.