Thursday, 7 May 2020

Rose's fantastic writing


  1. He does sound like a very energetic monkey. Great piece of writing Rose, you described the monkey well. One thing to remember is to use a capital letter at the start of each new sentence. I can see that you have used lots of great things in your writing. You have left finger spaces between each word, your story makes sense when you read it, you are forming your letters carefully between the lines and you can spell many words correctly. Keep up your great mahi Rose.

  2. I was impressed that you remembered to give your story a title - well done ! and I really enjoyed reading your story. A few sneaky capitals, but good finger spacing and I especially liked the rhyming, eg., swing/ring. I was thinking, you could have added an exclamation(!) mark in your writing, eg., He had lots of energy !(that will help us read it differently, eg., changing our voice.

  3. Nice story Rose it would be cool to have a pet monkey I think. Actually Brock is one cheeky monkey.