Sunday, 10 May 2020

Leo's Aquarium


  1. What an amazing idea. Leo did you collect all of the sticks, stones and sand from the beach? What stunning sea creatures. You have created a lovely habitat for them. I like the describing words you used to describe mum. Hope she had a special day today. 

  2. Wow, awesome, incredible, amazing, fantastic, spectacular ... you have shown us how creative, imaginative and artistic you are !! It is an absolutely stunning and colourful piece of work. I like how you have included items that you collected from the beach, and your original fish shapes (I adore Sea Horses).
    You have used some lovely words to describe your special Mum - I hope she had a lovely day with you and Amber.

  3. Your aquarium is so cool Leo with all the items you had found at the beach and have made. I bet mum liked all the nice words you said about her in your writing.