Monday, 4 May 2020

Tyson made a bug hotel and a Camosaurus


  1. What a great place for insects to come and stay. Where are you going to put it?
    I love the name Camosaurous! How did you come up with the name? Is it because of its camouflage colours? I can imagine this dinosaur being disguised in long green grass!

  2. Awesome Bug Hotel Tyson - I bet you had fun making it !
    Can you list all the things you have put in it ?
    Have any bugs come to stay yet ?
    I can see the pride on your face after completing it - well done you !!
    You and Lachie could get together and create a game using your Dinosaur models.

  3. Love your big smile Tyson can see that you enjoyed making these and did a great job.