Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Ruby's story about her mum


  1. You are a great writer Ruby. It sounds like you have a pretty special mum! I like how you have given your writing a heading. I can see that you are thinking carefully about putting fullstops at the end of a sentence. When you are writing, remember to only use capital letters at the start of a sentence and for names of people and places. You are leaving finger spaces between each word nicely.

  2. What a lovely note you have written about your mum - I agree with you that she is very kind helping you with your baking. I noticed a few "sneaky-capitals" .... remember, you only need a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence or if it is a proper noun (someone's name). Well done for remembering your full stop at the end of your writing. Keep up the great mahi. It was nice to see the photo of you and Ashton walking together - it can give you inspiration for your next piece of writing using your "senses", eg, what did you : see, hear, smell, touch, taste, while you were out and about in the fresh air. Whaea Tanya