Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Look at what Irie has been up to




  1. Irie, those bikkies look so yummy. Did you enjoy making them? Sounds like you have been doing some really cool stuff at home.
    Great idea making letters out of playdough. We will have to make some playdough when we get back to school and you can show us all the letters you can make.
    I love how tidy your handwriting is- look at all the words you can write! Keep up all the great mahi at home.

  2. What a good idea making play-dough so that you could practice your capital "T" and little "t" letters. It's lucky that you had some flour in the house to make them, especially after making all those ANZAC biscuits. Did you need any help measuring the ingredients ? I would like to set you a challenge, that each day you think of one more word to add to your CVC "word-bank". Thank you for sharing all your wonderful mahi Irie.