Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Look at what Ruby has been busy making!


  1. Ruby has been doing so much baking, including making Easter eggs. Her and Ashton have two lots of slime as well. Ruby has been enjoying and getting so much better at puzzles. She continues to love her reading. She has also been very active doing daily walks down the road.

  2. Looks like you have been using your "measurement" skills with all the successful baking and playdough you have been making, which also means you are able to "read" all the instructions clearly too. Perhaps you and some of your friends in Nga Ringa can make a new lot of PlayDough and make Cup-Cakes when we get back to school. Whaea Tanya

  3. When my daughter was your age, we used to have Jig Saw Puzzle races - they were so much fun .... perhaps you and Ashton can keep a "tally" of wins and losses. Whaea Tanya