Saturday, 18 April 2020

Check out Ante's amazing gardening skills!


  1. Wow, you have been doing an awesome job in the garden Ante ... you must be spending lots of time in there ; including : Weeding, Raking, Planting and Watering. I have lots of questions for you ... perhaps you can write a story answering all my questions.

    Here they are :
    1. Have you needed to measure the distance between planting the seeds ? 2. How many seeds do you think you have planted altogether ?
    3. What seeds did you plant ? .
    4, How long will they will take to grow
    5. Any ideas of what you will cook with these veges ?
    Whaea Tanya

  2. Ante look at all your hard mahi. What have you been planting? I can see you have been carefully measuring where to plant each seedling. How far apart did you plant each seedling? When we get back to school, we are going to make a butterfly garden and plant lots of plants that might attract butterflies. We might have to get you to share some of your gardening knowledge with us. Keep it up.