Thursday, 16 April 2020

Check out Tyson and his awesome mahi!


  1. Computer photo : What were you doing on the computer ... it looked like you were concentrating very hard. I have been having lots of problems with my computer at home and hoping that Whaea Jess can help me when we get back to school - perhaps you can help me too 1

    Reading withDad : You and dad look nice and cosy on the settee. Did you read to dad ... were there any words you didn't know ? How did you work them out ? I wonder if dad has a favourite book ...

    Model Plane : Can you write out all the instructions to make a model plane as I'm sure lots of us would like to make one when we get back to school. You could start by saying what MATERIALS we will need, then detailed instructions, eg., STEP 1 ....... STEP 2 ..... STEP 3 .....

    Writing: Well done Tyson, you have remembered not to put finger spacing between each letter (remember, we only put a finger space between words). Is your dog a girl or a boy?

    Whaea Tanya

  2. Tyson, these photos are amazing. It is so cool to see what you have been up to! Sounds like you have been very busy. That looks like a pretty neat plane you have there- does it fly well?
    I am so impressed with your writing. What great detail in your picture. I like the way you are starting your sentences with a capital letter and finishing them with a full stop. I would love to hear more about the pig you got. What did it look like? How big was it? Where did you find it?