Monday, 20 April 2020

Ruby's Monday learning

Photo Scavenger Hunt: Look at the photos Ruby took on her walk!

Letter scavenger hunt: Ee


  1. Thank you for sharing your teddy with us. I have learnt so much about why she is special to you because you have included lots of details in your writing. I can't wait to see what your finished poppies will look like! Great use of fullstops and finger spaces. One thing to practise is making sure that your s's are formed correctly. You are quite the scavenger hunt queen! Beautiful photos and great labels for the things that you find. How many items starting with 'e' did you find? See if you can find more items with tomorrows letter. Keep up your outstanding mahi.

  2. Photos : That is an amazing montage of photos while out walking Ruby. How long did you walk for ? How many kilometres do you think you walked ? You could make a bar chart recording : 'length of time' and 'kilometres walked' over a 5-day period. If the other children in our class do the same thing, it could be a competition ...

    Writing : Gosh Ruby, your writing has been improving every day ! I really liked how you remembered to do a 'capital letter' at the beginning of each sentence ; using 'full-stops' at the end of each sentence ; using a 'capital letter' for a person/teddy's name AND your correct letter formation - that's what I would call "a perfect piece of writing". I love how you said WHY you loved her and I also loved your description of her. She sounds a "beary"(very) special bear! Whaea Tanya