Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Ruby's Wednesday learning


  1. Ruby you have been so busy! What an outstanding poppy. I like yoga too! Especially after sitting at my computer all day ☺.
    I really liked your demolition writing. You explained what happened so carefully and in a logical way.

  2. Poppy : Goodness me !!! What an amazing poppy you have made - how long did it take you to make and did you need any help ? If you go out walking on the 25th you could take it with you and share this impressive poppy with your neighbours.

    Yoga : I would love to do yoga but I'm not as flexible as you Ruby and would probably get stuck on the floor in a big messy tangle !! Do you find yoga relaxing ?

    Demolition Story / Writing : I am very impressed with all the detail in your Demolition story - I could visualise the whole disaster. I know it was an accident, but was Ashton upset after all his effort in making the tower . Your rows of "m's" are super !!!

    Baking : Lots of the children in Nga Ringa have been baking so I think we will need to have a Cake-Stall when we get back to school. What do you think ?

    Whaea Tanya