Thursday, 30 April 2020

Check out Leo's amazing writing


  1. Leo this writing is incredible! Look at all the words you can write! I bet the ants really loved the jam. I have been reading a book about ants and was amazed by how strong they are. They can lift up to 5,000 times their body weight!
    How did Huffy break your bug hotel?
    I love reading your writing- I am learning so much about what you have been up to. Thank you for sharing with me.

  2. You have been super busy Leo !!! I loved your Bug Hotel and all the effort you put into making it - I especially loved the entrance path-way you built ... what a pity Huffy broke it. Your Bug Hotel story is amazing and you included so much detail. Your "I am Special" story was lovely and I agree that "you are kind"! You drew a cool picture of Huffy sleeping - breaking the Bug Hotel must have made him very tired. My kitchen was invaded by several armies of ants last week and boy, what a battle it was to clean all the cupboards ... it took me over 3 hours ! Did you know that if you kill/squash an ant with your biggest finger, it will leave a distinct smell on that finger. BUT if you kill/squash an ant with your baby finger, there will be no smell. Proud of all your mahi Leo.