Thursday, 16 April 2020

Ruby and Ashton's crazy hair day


  1. Wow! Love the hair guys. Awesome problem solving too Ruby. I like the way you have drawn the lollies to help you work out the problem.
    What a huge collection of items starting with H. Great handwriting.
    Jackson sounds pretty lucky to have you looking after him. Can you describe what he looks like? How big is he? What colour is he? What's his personality like?

  2. Hair Photo : Cool hair !!! Was there a special reason why you chose those colours ? I wonder if it will wash out ok ....

    Maths Photo : Great problem solving Ruby and I loved how you showed us your "workings". You can also write it as : 3 x 2 (we call this multiplication), which means 3 groups of 2 (like you have shown), which equals 6.

    Writing : I don't know much about donkeys ... why are they the "bestest" animals ? Tell me what Jackson likes to eat and what he likes to do in his spare time.