Saturday, 18 April 2020

Check out what Ruby got up to on Friday


  1. Writing : I loved reading your story and especially loved that you have given your story a title - you are a great author ! Just a little reminder to use 'capital letters' to start your sentences and not to forget to use 'full stops' at the end of your sentences.

    Math : Writing your numbers from 1 - 12 was amazing Ruby, and all your numbers were formed perfectly. "Teen" numbers can be very tricky and are easy to get confused, eg., 31, should be 13 (ten and 3 more), 41 should be 14 (ten and 4 more) etc., BUT once you hit 20 onwards, they were PERFECT again. Keep up the awesome mahi Ruby - I am very impressed with all your effort. Whaea Tanya

  2. Where did you find your cricket Ruby? Do you think you could hop like a cricket? How did the cricket give you a fright?
    I love the way you are recording your numbers and trying to put them in the correct order. This week, focus on practising your teen numbers e.g. 13, 14, 15.