Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Leo's writing about his special animal


  1. Leo and his helper! Great description of Huffy, Leo. What does he do that is funny? You are doing a great job at using finger spaces between each word and ending your sentences with fullstops. Fabulous work. Keep it up!

  2. Special Animal Photo : I love your dog's name ... "Huffy" rhymes with "fluffy". You did a great job describing him AND your letter formation was amazing ! What does he do that makes you laugh ? Can you make him laugh too ?

    ANZAC Photos : Your ANZAC biscuits look amazing - how many did you make altogether ? Did Amber help you to measure the ingredients ?

    Poppy : I loved your Poppy - how did you make it and was it hard to make ?

    Leaf Etching : Beautiful leaf etchings too - you have a good flair for colour ... I'm sure Mrs M would love to see your art.

    Whaea Tanya