Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Ruby's Tuesday and Wednesday mahi


  1. Ruby thank you for doing such an amazing job with your phonics and letter activities each day. What a lot of things you have that begin with T. I loved your piece of writing about what makes you special. Thank you for putting a full stop at the end of each sentence. When you use a full stop, try to practise writing it as a small dot on the line beside the last letter in the sentence rather than a big circle. Fabulous maths number sequencing. I can see you are doing some great practise forming your numbers correctly.

  2. Gee Ruby, all those numbers are formed perfectly and are "ordered" correctly too. Your capital 'G' letters are so good and you are making good progress on your little 'g' letters. Your capital 'T' and little 't' letters are TERRIFIC. Your scavenger hunt for things starting with 't and 'g' are very creative - did it take long to find them all ? I like the story about what you like about yourself. What is your favourite meat and what tricks can you do on the trampoline ?

  3. Ruby you are getting so much better at your numbers and letters keep it up as you will be getting faster as well the more you practise.