Monday, 20 April 2020

Ante's Anzac learning

Antes pic of the Anzac teddy and Taka's one too haha
and Antes pic of his take on the poppy
We also phoned Antes Great Nana who remembered the war time and when at primary school hearing the alarm sound as a practice run and they would have to practice falling down, and she also said rationing of ingredients at shops. 
Sorry they are all upside down (I couldn't work out how to rotate them on the blog). 


  1. These are great! Ante what a fabulous poppy. How did you make it? What amazing detail in your picture of the Anzac teddy. Have you got something that is very special to you, like a teddy or a taonga? Interesting korero with your great Nana! We also have drills at school don't we, but for different reasons- like a fire drill. Thank you for sharing. I really like seeing what you have been doing.

  2. Ante, I am sooo impressed with all your mahi - you have been working so hard on your ANZAC project. There is also a fabulous book called "The ANZAC Puppy" (we have it in our school library). It is a beautiful story, but always makes me cry (perhaps we can read it together when we get back to school - but I will have to have a box of tissues with me).

    I think your POPPY is the nicest Poppy I have ever seen. Perhaps you can cut it out and pin it to your T-shirt on the 25th April while you remember all of the '"fallen soldiers'".

    I hope your Great Nan is safe in her 'bubble' and that she is enjoying seeing all your mahi.